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Don’t throw away of Japanese Wagyu FAT!!!

Don’t throw away of Japanese Wagyu FAT!!!

Japanese Wagyu’s fat has effect to reduce cholesterol and neutral fat.

This is same effect as olive oil has, which contains unsaturated fatty acid (about 70%).

In case of Japanese Wagyu’s fat, it contains more than 65% of unsaturated fatty acid.

Japanese Wagyu’s fat contains especially high oleic acid and stearic acid, which helps to cleanse blood.

This is the reasons though other animal’s fats are greasy, Japanese Wagyu’s fat is so smooth.

Also, Japanese Wagyu’s fat has a lower melting point, thus once you put them in your mouth, it melts away very smoothly.

As an enjoyable part, Japanese Wagyu’s fat has rich flavor which you can use for various dishes as hidden flavor like adding it into burger patty, grill vegetable with, and of course, grill steaks with!!!