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Pick the right portions for your appetite!!

WAGYUMAN's Best Collections

From Steaks to Trimmings, from MARBLING to LEAN, WAGYUMAN makes each cut with the best way of servings.We import whole cattle directly from Japan to meet your appetites with best pricing!!


WAGYUMAN’s approach is a bit different from others who mainly sell based on brands, while WAGYUMAN sells based on QUALITY.

Siblings raised by same parents have same characters and same appearances? Cows are same as live creatures, and the quality of each animal is different. Therefore, WAGYUMAN put most priority focusing on the quality of each individual cattle and carefully selects the highest quality for the customers rather than simply selecting from the brands.

WAGYUMAN’s sourcing farms are spread to Hokkaido, Iwate, Gunma, Shiga, Hyogo, Kumamoto, Kagoshima, and Miyazaki prefectures. We are procuring directly from excellent quality cattle ranches all over Japan.

WAGYUMAN believes the most important service to the customers is to serve BEST QUALITY products with our experiences and this can be done as WAGYUMAN takes great pride in our team.

However, to satisfy inquiring minds is also very important thing to do. Therefore, WAGYUMAN shares the origin of products with official certificates once we selected the one to deliver you (may not be available for some processed items).

Enjoy the best quality Japanese Wagyu Beef from various farms!

Cuts for Butchering Service

Butchering Service is when you order “whole cut meats”, our meat experts cut your meats into steak portions (approx. 1 lb each) and vacuumed-pack each of them before shipping for you. Read More