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Message from Owner



When you see sign of new trend, it always tends to be many people start trying to involve. And, especially when such trend is from abroad, there are many misleading and misinformation of the realities and cultures as people try to add their own business strategies and beliefs, which is just normal and I personally like such phenomenon as then sometime new mixed-up beautiful cultural things are created by. But importance is, there is at least one person who is from THAT country/cultural background rise up and introduce the authentic manners of serving. With such faiths and passions from Japan, we have tied up with like-mined experts and now we have WAGYUMAN team!!

Everybody had heroes in childhoods.
But as we are aged, many lost and they are all but gone…
Life without hero is something missing and boring, which for me is a quite big thing. Now, WAGYUMAN has come to serve you the premium items with honest heart all from the local (JAPAN)!!