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Bigeye Tuna


Usually grouped with Yellowfin Tuna as Ahi Tuna, Big Eye Tuna is comparable in overall quality. As is Yellowfin Tuna, Bigeye Tuna is very lean but slightly richer in flavor and darker in color with a meaty and firm texture.

*10 sushi slices along with 10 sushi ‘Shari’ rice-balls

Best used within five days after delivered (keep in freezer at 0℉)

*As Bigeye Tuna is wild-caught, variant shades of red/pink may be observed within the same tray. Red dots within the meat, known as blood spots, are also natural characteristics of the species. Additionally, a slight color change may occur even in frozen conditions due to oxidation. However, if the above shelf-life is followed, quality will not be affected. Proper “Defrost Method” will be provided with every shipment. Please follow for the best results.