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Chutoro Blue-Fin Tuna

Weight: Approx. 1.5b

Turn your kitchen table into a high-end sushi restaurant with sashimi grade fish delivery to your home!

This is a perfect blend of Otoro and Akami because it straddles both types of tuna, providing a meaty and fatty texture for a real celebration in your mouth. With toro, the prime meat that comes from the belly of the fish, you have the Otoro and the Chutoro.

“O” means big and “Chu” means medium in Japanese. The word “toro” is derived from the Japanese word of Torokeru which means melt. As it says, Otoro has a marbled, melting texture and is the fattiest part of the maguro.

Blue-Fin Tuna is commonly traded on the best Tokyo markets commanding premium prices. Although sushi includes many various tuna types such as Yellow-fin as well as Big-Eye, excellent quality Otoro and Chutoro is ONLY obtained from Blue-Fin Tuna.

Grade: Sashimi Grade Fish (Japanese Standard)

Major Characteristics:

  • Sweetness of fat
  • Flavorful Umami
  • Tender texture
  • Juicy and Melty

Ideal Cooking: Definitely Sashimi and/or Sushi

Farm: Mediterranean Farmed

Shipping Condition: Super Frozen

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  • Due to natural variations in our fish, shape, size, and/or weight of individual cuts may vary. It is normal to see slight variations in color depending on both the type of product and the aging process.
  • Actual weight may slightly vary due to nature product.
  • First picture is half cut of the actual product
  • To all orders, you will receive emails from FedEx with trucking# once products are shipped out.
  • In accordance with the Defrosting Method, the super frozen items HAVE TO be defrosted within 24 hours after you received (unless you have super freezer or keep it with dry-ice). For any complains with regard to discoloration and so due to failure of defrosting, we do not accept returns and/or any refunds.

*NOTE* - All of our Tuna products are treated with a “super frozen” process so we can serve them to you as fresh as when they're caught from sea. However, due to the time sensitive nature, we strongly request you follow the Defrosting Method below and in the Defrosting Method instructions included in your WAGYUMAN package.

The super frozen items MUST be defrosted within 24 hours after you receive them (unless you have a super freezer or keep it with dry-ice) and served by NO LATER than 2 days after your receipt.

We cannot be responsible for any complaints and/or requests for returns/refunds due to deterioration, discoloration and so on due to failure to follow our defrosting instructions.


Prepare Frozen Tuna Saku & ice water


Keep Tuna Saku (with vacuum packaging) completely immersed in ice water for 2 hours.


Take Tuna Saku out of a shrink bag and gently remove moisture with a paper towel.


Tuna Saku is ready for use and enjoy!