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Special "Surf & Turf" Package (Tuna Set + Choice of Wagyu)

Choose your favorite Japanese Wagyu beef to compliment our world-class tuna selection. Each set comes with our famous Toro and Akamai tuna selection, and you can select your own cut of meat to complete  your WAGYUMAN Surf & Turf set!

This exclusive WAGYUMAN Surf & Turf set contains:
Japanese A5 Wagyu Beef (Your choice!) 1.0 - 4.0lb (16 – 64oz)
Blue-Fin Tuna Belly (Otoro): 1.3lb (21oz)
Blue-Fin Tuna Belly (Chutoro): 1.5lb (24oz)
Big-eye Tuna (Akami): 1.0lb (16oz)
Yellow-Fin Tuna (Akami): 1.0lb (16oz)

Grade: Sashimi Grade Fish (Japanese Standard)

Farm: Mediterranean Farm: Blue-Fin Tuna (Otoro and Chutoro)

Wild: Big-eye and Yellow-fin Tuna (Akami)

Shipping Condition:
Wagyu Beef: Frozen
Tuna Lovers Set: Super Frozen

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