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Yellowfin Tuna


Most popular Akami (mid/back loin meat) used in the Sushi industry. Yellowfin Tuna Akami has a meatier and firmer texture with a lean and light but elegant flavor profile.

*10 sushi slices along with 10 sushi ‘Shari’ rice-balls

Best used within 5 days after delivered (keep in freezer at 0℉)

*As Yellowfin Tuna is wild-caught, variant shades of red/pink may be observed within the same tray. Red dots within the meat, known as blood spots, are also natural characteristics of the species. Additionally, a slight color change may occur even in frozen conditions due to oxidation. However, if the above shelf-life is followed, quality will not be affected. Proper “Defrost Method” will be provided with every shipment. Please follow for the best results.