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We offer Premium quality Japanese Wagyu Beef and freshest Tuna imported directly from Japan. We (with our partner) are the LARGEST Japanese Wagyu Beef importer and ONLY company who import whole cattle and butcher them at own facility, also ONLY retailer of Blue-Fin belly (Otoro and Chutoro) in the US. Quality first, Quality second and Quality third…. As a retailer of food products, we are treating Quality (including safety) of all our products extremely careful. With our Japanese Wagyu Beef and/or Tuna, your table becomes high-end Steakhouse or Sushi Restaurant!!!
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Our dedicated Wagyu Beef professionals (WAGYUMAN) is very specific in quality of Japanese Wagyu Beef imports. They are carefully checked and precisely hand-select Premium Wagyu from various ranches in Japan. Our Japanese Wagyu Beef are not the domestic American Wagyu, but all are Premium Wagyu beef from Japan. Cows are live creatures, and the quality of each animal is different. Therefore, WAGYUMAN ignores the tradition of “brands”, and checks the quality of each individual cattle and carefully selects the highest quality for the consumers. In addition, while other distributors only purchase from selected ranches, WAGYUMAN has teamed up with the largest network of Japanese Wagyu Beef importers in the U.S., where we have ranches representing from Hokkaido, Iwate, Gunma, Hyogo, Kumamoto, Kagoshima, and Miyazaki prefectures. We are procuring directly from excellent quality cattle ranches all over Japan.


You never seen such competitive pricings for Japanese Wagyu Beef from others! This was made possible by WAGYUMAN importing beef not by parts, but in full cattle (full-set). We are able to provide premium sections that you have never tasted before!


We always try Never worry about being SOLD OUT! Our connection with the largest Japanese Wagyu Beef importers in the U.S. will make possible to have the highest quality Japanese Wagyu Beef to meet your appetites!


To maintain the freshness and quality is crucial, so we deliver by the next day (depending on order time (*Shipping Policy)). We hand pack every delivery with ice packs, cooler boxes, etc. within the box, and we will put our best effort so that it will not affect the quality even if the package arrives unattended.


Our professionals handle the premium priced Japanese Wagyu cattle, one by one in precise detail with great care. Furthermore, pure eating excitement is not only about quality, but also with who and where you eat becomes a factor. WAGYUMAN will be planning various events and gatherings all year around to make Wagyu more pleasurable and enjoyable!


Write us with any questions you might have about our products, your order, or anything else.