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Sauce changes BBQ!!!!
Besides meat, Dashi and Sauce are the keys for Shabushabu!!!

Japanese A5 Wagyu Tartar is more for lean meat lovers!! But your idea of beef lean meat will completely change once you have Japanese A5 Wagyu lean meats with its tenderness and flavor.

When you put it in your mouth, you will have full of Japanese Wagyu flavor and even melts. Simple seasoning brings out more of the sweetness of the meat too!!

Sukiyaki is a special occasion dish, here using onions that bring sweetness and tartness that coats the deliciously rich Wagyu!!!!

Taste like Japanese Wagyu steak!!! Using Toro fat with sauce adds great Tuna flavor!!!

Tataki is a simple recipe for rapidly searing on the outside leaving the
inside rare, with delicious results. By searing Japanese Wagyu, it locks in the umami!!