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Otoro Blue-Fin Tuna


One of the most expensive and popular cuts for Sashimi and Sushi! This cut is fatty almost to the point of falling apart and literally melts in your mouth. The amazing sirloin feel of raw sashimi grade tuna fuses together with the fatty tissue from the belly to generate a rich and creamy flavor experience.

Toro is prime meat that comes from the belly of the fish. With toro, you have the Otoro and the Chutoro. “O” means big and “Chu” means medium in Japanese. As it says, Otoro has a marbled texture and is the fattiest part of the maguro. Because Otoro is such a limited part of the fish, it is the most expensive.

This premium cut of Tuna used in high-end sushi establishments and restaurants. Blue-Fin Tuna is commonly traded on the best Tokyo markets, commanding premium prices. Although sushi includes many various tuna types such as Yellow-fin as well as Big-Eye, excellent quality Otoro and Chutoro is ONLY obtained from Blue-fin Tuna.


Grade: Sashimi Grade Fish (Japanese Standard)

Major Characteristics:

  • Sweetness of fat
  • Flavorful Umami
  • Tender texture
  • Juicy and melty

    Ideal Cooking: Definitely Sashimi and/or Sushi

    Farm: Mediterranean Farmed

    Shipping Condition: Super Frozen