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Japanese A5 Wagyu CLOD [Trimmings (Kiriotoshi)]

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CLOD Trimmings (Kiriotoshi)


Weight: Approx. 3.0lb (0.5lb/tray x 6 trays)

Sweet with typical Japanese Wagyu flavor. Japanese A5 Wagyu Clod trimmings can be used for various methods of cooking, from searing to stewing and beyond. This is not common item you’ll find and even in Japan, local butcher shops sell this item only to the close customers. This is how the Japanese enjoy the whole cattle for various dishes. Ideal for sharing with small size party or family dinner.


Major Characteristics:

  • Sweetness of fat
  • Meaty and flavorful Umami
  • Tender texture
  • Juicy and melty

    Ideal Cooking: Stew, Simmering, Searing

    Shipping Condition: Frozen