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Japanese A5 Wagyu RIBEYE [Whole Cut]


Turn your kitchen table into a high-end steakhouse with Japanese Wagyu Beef delivery to your home!

With the highest marbling grade (A5), this 10-15lb Japanese A5 Wagyu Ribeye is perfect to enjoy with the whole family! High-class portions of fat similar to striploin, a great marbling texture, and a tender and fatty umami taste make this cut a delicious favorite. It contains the highest percentage of sweetness and umami of all Japanese Wagyu Beef.


Major Characteristics:

  • Sweetness of fat
  • Meaty and flavorful Umami
  • Tender texture
  • Great balance of lean and fat

    Ideal Cooking: Steak, BBQ, Wagyu Sushi, Sandwich, Hot Pot, Shabu Shabu, Sukiyaki

    Shipping Condition: Frozen