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Tetsuhiro Aogami Steel Gyuto Knife (Chef's knife)


Special steel iron called Aogami is wrapped with soft stainless steel to make this chef's knife very strong and incredibly difficult to break. After it reaches a high temperature in the fire, it is placed in cold water to make the knife hard. Like other Tetsuhiro meat knives, the narrower knife shape reduces resistance when cutting meat. Add it to your collection today!

*Please note it will take around 2 months after placing your order to receive your custom mask because it will be handmade just for you.


Care Instructions: A special steel iron blade can rust, so please wipe and dry well after being used.

Blade Steel Type: Stainless steel (Blue paper steel and Aogami)

HRC: 63±1

Blade Edge: Double-edged (50/50 balanced)

Handle Material: Packer wood