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Medium Rare is the Only Steak Temperature You Ever Need

Medium Rare is the Only Steak Temperature You Ever Need

Professional chefs all over the world agree - medium rare is the only temperature you ever need for a perfect steak. Medium rare is simply the ideal balance between flavor, texture, and juiciness for any steak you want to make.

Cooking a steak to medium rare means that the internal temperature of the steak will be between 130-135°F. At this temperature, the meat will be cooked through enough to be safe to eat, but still retain a slightly pink, juicy center. This temperature also allows the natural flavors of the beef to shine through, without being overwhelmed by a charred or overcooked exterior.

Cooking a steak to well done, on the other hand, can sometimes result in a dry, tough, and flavorless piece of meat. The longer you cook a steak, the more moisture and flavor leak out of it, making it less enjoyable to eat. While some people prefer their steak cooked to a higher temperature, it's strongly recommended to try a medium rare steak at least once, if anything just to experience the full potential of this delicious cut of meat.

What is Medium Rare Steak?

Officially, medium rare is defined as a steak cooked to an internal temperature of 135°F. If you prefer your steak on the rarer side, a temperature of 130°F will get you there, too. Just note that a rare steak can be tricky to cook properly and may not be the best choice if you're not experienced with cooking steak.

When cooked to medium rare, a steak should have a warm, red center and be tender and juicy. If you're using the touch test method to check for doneness, a medium rare steak should feel the same as pressing the space on your hand between your thumb and forefinger.

Going beyond 140°F will take your steak into medium territory, which can result in a tougher and dryer product. While medium may seem tempting, premium cuts of meat taste best at medium-rare steak temperature - science even backs it up! 

Why Medium Rare is the Sweet Spot for Steak

Myosin and actin in beef, two proteins responsible for muscle contraction, break down at different temperatures. This breakdown literally alters the texture and flavor of the meat. Interestingly, the sweet spot for most people is a temperature that has more actin and less myosin, which occurs right around 135 degrees, the temperature for medium-rare steak!

Another essential factor in achieving a perfect steak is moisture.

When you cook a steak to medium-rare, the internal temperature doesn't rise enough to allow excess moisture to escape through vapor or steam, which keeps your steak succulent and bursting with flavor. Medium or well-done steaks exceed the ideal protein balance and result in the evaporation of moisture, leaving you with a tough, bland disaster of a meal.

So, if you want the perfect steak, you need to keep the temperature low and cook it to medium-rare!

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