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Why is Toro So Expensive?

Why is Toro So Expensive?

Why Toro is So Valuable: Rare and Rich in Nutrients

The main reason why Toro is so expensive is because it is so rare. Toro refers to the fatty part of the tuna's belly, and the fattiest part is called Otoro, while the most fatty part is called tuna. The next most common part is called Chutoro. Akami, which is often seen in supermarkets, is the part with almost no fat. The value of tuna varies depending on the contents of fat.

In other words, Toro is only one more part of the already precious and expensive tuna. Moreover, Otoro is only about 1/5 of a whole Toro, and the amount of fat you can get from each fish is very small. It is limited to the flavor is perfect, the texture is melt-in-your-mouth, and the nutritional value is incomparable to other parts of the body.

For example, it is said that it contains more than twice as much nutrients such as vitamins A and D as the same amount of red meat. It's also rich in DHA, so it's not only delicious, but also has many other benefits. Even if it has a slightly higher price, the demand for it will not be shaded.

Chutoro: The Perfect Balance of Quality and Price

Chutoro (medium fatty tuna), in comparison, can be caught in a wider range. While Otoro is only available from the head of the tuna, Chutoro can be taken from the belly to the back, so you can still get a wide range of fish. It is easily offered at a reasonable price. But the taste and texture are perfect enough, and it still comes at an extravagant price for the average family! Conversely, if you consider the balance between quantity and price, Chutoro is generally more palatable than Otoro.

Toro: Like a Rare, Exquisite Diamond

As mentioned above, the reason why toro is so expensive is because it is so popular despite the fact that it can only be taken in small quantities. In the past, this part of Toro was thrown away without being eaten for a long time, and it took a long time before people realized its taste and value. The story of the time it took is well known. The fatty parts of the Toro are very difficult to manage and there is no time to spare to maintain the exquisite flavor. That's how difficult and expensive it is to enjoy fresh, delicious Toro. Red meat is also delicious enough and in steady demand, so tuna really is an essential part of the Japanese diet.

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