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Are Wagyu Cows Massaged?

Are Wagyu Cows Massaged?

Wagyu beef is famous around the world for being the best beef money can buy. The succulent flavor, the intricate marbling, and the special umami flavor combine to make it a must-try dish for any steak lover.
The price tag only adds to its prestige. Pounds of pure Japanese Wagyu beef can go for over $200, if not more!
But many myths and theories abound as to what makes these breeds of Japanese cattle so special. One of the most famous theories is that Wagyu cows are massaged daily by their keepers, if you can believe it.
Let’s explore if this is more of a myth or a fact.

Are Japanese Wagyu cattle massaged?

To understand this question a bit better, we have to understand a few things. First, Wagyu beef is a highly regulated industry in Japan. Everything from the farms and butchers to even the restaurants supplying the food are a part of the Wagyu Registration Association.
And it’s not easy being a member. 

Strict controls, long training periods for certification, and requirements such as genetic testing for individual cows are just a small part of what makes up this giant quality control system. Japanese Wagyu cows are even banned from being exported outside of the country as they’re considered a national treasure!
Now, another major aspect of the philosophy behind raising Wagyu cattle is the idea their stress levels should remain as close to zero as possible. And since some Japanese farms don’t have nearly as much land as equivalent pastures in America, many of these special cows don’t get to roam as freely as they might want to.
Add in some very cold winters, and you’ll find some farmers that actually massage their Wagyu cattle to help avoid cramping or forms of arthritis.
But it’s important to note, massaging cattle isn’t a requirement nor a universal practice in raising Japanese Wagyu — so take it with a grain of salt!
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