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Why Wagyu Beef is the Best in the World

Why Wagyu Beef is the Best in the World

Nearly every meat eater around the world has heard of the cream of the crop when it comes to steaks — Wagyu beef. For some, it invokes images of pampered cows living a life of luxury on green Japanese hillsides. Others, especially those who have tasted it, think of fine dining, prestigious locations, and an amazingly succulent steak.
But is it really worth the high price, the prestige, and all the hype about its flavor?
Let’s explore just what makes Wagyu beef the best in the world!

What is Wagyu beef?

Wagyu beef literally means Japanese cattle. The “wa” means Japan and the “gyu” means cow or cattle. But that’s just the official name ascribed to a very important type of cattle.
There are four breeds that makeup Wagyu cattle, and they all share a special genetic trait. While normal cows will often form fat around the edges of their muscle, Wagyu cattle actually grow a lot of their fat throughout the insides of the muscle.
The result is an amazing cut of steak with tiny beads of fat throughout every bite. Something truly unique in the world of beef.

Wagyu beef is high in marbling and fat

Don’t be afraid of the headline, Wagyu beef is special purely because it is high in fat. And in this case, that’s mostly the good kind of fat. Compared to most other kinds of beef, Wagyu breeds have a higher percentage of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, as well as conjugated linoleic acid.
If you’re in the know about nutrition, those are all “good” fats we should try to be eating more of.
All this extra fat and how it’s genetically formed to grow inside and throughout Wagyu cattle’s muscle are the reason it’s often touted as the absolute best beef in the world.
Their fat content also has a low melting point, allowing it to further approach the literal melt-in- your-mouth feeling so many people describe it as.

Are Wagyu cattle raised differently?

Other than the unique genetic makeup that defines the breeds of Wagyu beef cattle, the way they are raised is simply unparalleled. Some people think they’re fed beer, others think they’re massaged daily, and others think they’re raised in hideous conditions where they can’t move very much and only grow fat.
The truth of the matter is closer to the idea of Japanese farmers believing these cows should be raised with absolutely no stress. What does that involve?
Well, more monitoring, for one thing. Japanese Wagyu cattle are catered to far more often than their Western counterparts. Many farms often check on each cow every four hours, compared to pasture roaming cows disappearing for days on ranches in America!
While some farms might actually give red wine and other rich substances to their cattle, it’s not the standard by far. They’re also fed different foods from other countries. Most farms will give their cows a mix of grass, grain, and wheat bran or barley. But the main supplement is, of course, grain as it helps them put on weight and fat faster.
Wagyu cows are also allowed to live (and feed) far longer than most Western cows. A typical cow in Japan will live for three years before being sent off to the butcher, whereas in America, a cow is usually finished after 15 months or so.
And weirdly, instead of a number, Wagyu cows are given actual names! 

Wagyu beef is truly the best beef you can get

All of these unique aspects of Wagyu cattle help produce the most amazing experience you can have when it comes to beef. And to ensure the ongoing quality of Japanese beef, the entire process is highly monitored and regulated in Japan.
Every aspect of the supply chain, from rancher to butcher to restaurant, is required to belong to the Wagyu Registration Association. Those who aren’t members aren’t allowed to claim their beef is truly Wagyu.
And just in case you’re curious to try out this awesome beef for yourself, check out Wagyuman’s wide selection of premium quality Japanese Wagyu beef, imported directly from Japan.

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