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Japanese A5 Wagyu Untrimmed RIB CAP [Whole Cut]

KABURI (Japanese): Rib Caps


3.0 - 4.0lb (48 – 64oz) in total

Turn your kitchen table into a high-end steakhouse with Japanese Wagyu Beef delivery to your home!

With a marbling grade of A5, these untrimmed rib caps are ideal for sharing with a friend or two. Rib Caps are blade meat from above the ribeye. Only a few can be extracted, with about 50% either lean or fat. Gorgeous looks with beautiful marbling and considered top-quality among beef sections. Slice, lightly scorch, and enjoy BBQ or even Wagyu Sushi!


Major Characteristics:

  • Meaty and flavorful Umami
  • Sweetness of fat
  • Rich taste

    Ideal Cooking: BBQ, Steak, Slice and Sear, Wagyu Sushi

    Shipping Condition: Frozen