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Japanese Fish-Eating Culture and History

Japanese Fish-Eating Culture and History

Japan's Hundreds of Years of Fish-Eating History

The history of Japan's fish-eating culture goes back hundreds of years. Originally, Japan's knowledge of fish is unique in the world. From the use of chopsticks to the use of knives and other utensils, including the dishes produced by various cooking methods, these culture is called the fish-eating culture. Don't get wrong, it's not simply that eating fish refers to these cultures. It is culture from various perspectives such as how to deal with the fish and how to control its quality. It is very important that this is formed as The accumulation of knowledge and skills around fish is necessary, and this kind of historical culture is unique to Japan, even in the world. ones.

Japan's Geological Environment is Primed for Fish-Eating Culture

Originally, Japan did not have a lot of nutrient-dense food available on land, and the background. This is because Japan was formed as a volcanic country. Compared to other parts of the world where there are many disasters and mountainous areas, Japan has more plains. There was a time when the food available in the soil was not abundant. Historically, rice farming was the main form of agriculture, but the effects of climate change led to famine and there was a time when the sea was the only source of food for the Japanese. From this historical background, Japanese people naturally developed a culture of getting food from the sea. especially fish, as it is good for preserving food. In particular, since fish is a good preservative food, fish dishes were popular because they could be eaten for a long period of time.

The Golden Era of Fish-Eating Culture

In fact, it was not until the Edo period that the so-called fish cuisine as we know it today took root. After Tokugawa Ieyasu unified the country, the food culture developed remarkably, and the culture of nigiri sushi was introduced in this period. Major items such as tsukudani (food boiled in soy sauce) and tempura, which are very familiar to Japanese people, as well as eel grilled in Kabayaki (broiled eel), were also born. The cuisine also developed during this period. Today, fish cuisine has developed all over the world, but in Japan, it was born several hundred years ago in the Edo period.

How Was Sushi Created?

And as for sushi, which is becoming more and more popular, it was developed because of the high shelf life of the fish. Sushi were thought to be the best way to preserve and bring out the flavor of seafood. The idea of using salt and vinegar to seal the ingredients was also thought to be ideal for long-term preservation, which led to this prototype. It is the source of the current sushi dishes. And as these dishes developed, and at the same time, the out-blade knives were developed to allow for better cooking. Modern Japanese fish-eating culture has evolved through the development of technology, culinary tools and a keen eye for quality control.

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