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What Makes Japanese Hamachi (Yellowtail) So Fatty?

What Makes Japanese Hamachi (Yellowtail) So Fatty?
What makes Japanese Hamachi (Yellowtail) so fatty?


Japan’s Marine Environment is Great for Fish

Japan is an island nation with a long history of fish-eating culture, and Hamachi (yellowtail) is highly regarded around the world as particularly fatty and delicious. First of all, there are various currents around Japan and the temperature of the water varies. In the nearshore seas, the muscles of the fish are tighter and the fat on top of that makes it very tasty! This is largely due to the marine environment around Japan, but there are other reasons as well.

Superb Aquaculture Technology

Japan's aquaculture technology is one of the most advanced in the world, and it's important to have the right amount of fat on the fish. Even in the relatively warm waters of Kyushu, for example, aquaculture is popular. It starts with fry and grows into a magnificent hamachi. The system selects the fry one by one and only the ones that grow up to be healthy and tasty remain. The fish are not just fed artificially in a huge tank, but are also raised with a lot of time and effort. Only a few countries in the world, including Japan, have the technology for aquaculture. Even if the technical hurdles are cleared, it is not something that can be easily imitated. 

Dedicated Work Fishing With Full Passion

We need to create an environment where the fish can get enough exercise, feed them the best food, and make sure they grow up to be big and fatty. Careful attention is paid to the details. The hygiene control is also thorough, water temperature, type and method of feeding, as well as prevention of diseases and parasites, etc. The fish are raised to be delicious with a lot of hard work that goes a long way. The system is ready to ship throughout the year while maintaining a high level of quality, so we can always produce fatty It is possible to provide delicious hamachi.

Although we usually eat hamachi without thinking about it, the hardships of many people are concentrated on the other side of the hamachi. It is done. The fry are vulnerable and can be attacked by insects, but the aquaculture management is thoroughly controlled by computer. It is also the case that Japan has been able to grow excellent individuals in a healthy manner and maintain consistent quality in shipments.

Japan's ability to grow excellent individuals in a healthy manner and maintain consistent quality in its shipments is also a testament to the Strengths. The price for this is not cheap because it's farmed, and it's often higher than the wild ones. It is. So high is the level and the value of the fish itself.

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