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How to Cut Tuna

How to Cut Tuna

Cutting tuna is simple. Once you have mastered it, you will cut any fish like a master chef!

How to Cut Saku

How to cut Tuna?

1. Cut the Saku into two or three pieces depending on the amount of fat and the way you cut the tendon.

How to cut Tuna?How to cut Tuna?

2. Pick one of the pieces you cut in 1 and turn it 90 degrees and change the direction of the Saku so that the knife is perpendicular to the Saku in relation to the tendon. By doing this, you can eat without feeling the tendon.

How to Cut Sashimi

How to cut for Sashimi?How to cut for Sashimi?

1. Insert the knife from the RIGHT end of the Saku of the Tuna.

2. Cut from the base of the blade in front of you and move the blade tip to the other side of the cutting board, don't push or pull, just pull slowly and cut all at once.

How to Cut Sushi

how to cut for Sushi?

1. Insert the knife from the LEFT end of the Saku of the Tuna.

2. Using your thumb and forefinger, lightly press down on the left edge of the Saku to prevent collapsing, lay the knife down at an angle and slowly pull to cut. Cut the piece thin!

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