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Tuna Avocado POKE

  • 1 min read


This is a popular recipe for poke using lean, light tuna. The sweet and spicy soy sauce flavor of the tuna and the creamy avocado mix together, and the sesame oil adds an irresistible flavor. It is delicious on its own or as a rice bowl on top of rice.


Ingredients (for 2 people)

Akami Big-Eye Tuna or Akami Yellow-Fin Tuna : 8oz

・Avocado: 1

・Onion: 1/4


・Soy sauce: 3 table spoons

・Mirin: 2 table spoons

・Sesame oil: 1 table spoon

・Sugar: 1 tea spoon

・Grated ginger: 1 tea spoon

・Sesame seeds: 1 tea spoon


How to cook Tuna Avocado Poke

  1. Cut the tuna and avocado into 1.5 cm cubes. Cut onion into thin slices, soak in water to remove pungency, and drain in a colander.
  2. In a bowl, mix together the ingredients for the sauce and add the tuna and onion.
  3. Mix the ingredients for the sauce in a bowl, add the tuna and onion, mix, and let sit in the refrigerator for about 15 minutes to let the flavors blend.
  4. Just before serving, add the avocado and give it a quick stir.