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Wagyu Sushi Recipe

Wagyu Sushi Recipe
With a light sear, Japanese Wagyu is full of flavor and sweetness! We definitely recommend enjoying Wagyu Sushi and Toro Sushi at home using this recipe:

Ingredients (for 2 people)

How to Cook Wagyu Sushi

  1. Cook rice in an equal amount of water (320g (11oz)).
  2. Mix seasoned vinegar with sugar and salt. Simmer to dissolve.
  3. Fold vinegar mixture into cooked rice, using swift cutting and folding motions with a rice paddle (or flat wooden spoon).
  4. Score top surface of each slice of meats with crosshatches.
  5. Lightly sear the scored top surface of each slice using a propane burner.
  6. To make nigiri sushi, shape seasoned rice into pieces and drape with seared meat. Garnish each nigiri with a small dollop of horseradish.
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